Boylan Bottling Co. offers a full line of hand-crafted small batch sodas and mixers to please any palate. From our Regular Sodas sweetened with pure cane sugar to our Diet line, one thing is always true of a Boylan soda — taste always comes first. The same is true of our Seltzer and Mixer lines…whether it’s the taste of the beverage or what it’s paired with, be want every Boylan occasion to be a celebration of flavor.

Available in:• Original Birch Beer: Glass Bottles• Creamy Red Birch Beer: Glass Bottles• Black Cherry: Glass Bottles• Ginger Ale: Glass Bottles• Orange: Glass Bottles• Grape: Glass Bottles• Creme: Glass Bottles• Root Beer: Glass Bottles• Sugar Cane Cola: Glass Bottles• Diet Root Beer: Glass Bottles• Diet Black Cherry: Glass Bottles• Diet Creme: Glass Bottles• Diet Cane Cola: Glass Bottles• Seltzer Lemon: Glass Bottles• Seltzer Pure: Glass Bottles

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The Boylan's brand has several new things, with the most exciting being their new Mash line. It's not a soda, it's not a water, it's not a juice - it's a mash! The line has attributes borrowed from juice and and is sweetened with sucralose.

Available in:• Pomme Granate & Blue Berry: Plastic Bottles• Ripe Mango & Blood Orange: Plastic Bottles• Lemon Peel & Ginger Root: Plastic Bottles• Grapefruit & Citrus Zing: Plastic Bottles

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Coca Cola From Mexico

Coca Cola From Mexico

Made with real cane sugar

Available in:• Glass Bottles

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GuS Grown-up Soda

GuS Grown-up Soda

GuS is the first soda made truly for adult palates. It's less sweet than typical flavored sodas, juice drinks and bottled teas.

It has distinctive, dry flavors for discriminating taste buds, made from real juices and extracts. And it's nicely carbonated for added crispness and refreshment.

Available in:• Black Currant: Glass Bottles• Cola: Glass Bottles• Cranberry Lime: Glass Bottles• Ginger Ale: Glass Bottles• Grapefruit: Glass Bottles• Lemon: Glass Bottles• Orange: Glass Bottles• Pomegranate: Glass Bottles• Root Beer: Glass Bottles

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Natural Sodas and Traditional Jamaican Ginger Brews are Delicious, Refreshing and Healthy...

Available in:• Extra Ginger Brew Light: Glass Bottles• Apple Cider: Glass Bottles• Extra Ginger Brew: Glass Bottles• Original Ginger Brew: Glass Bottles

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Steaz Sparkling Green Tea

Steaz Sparkling Green Tea

Delicious, bubbly, refreshing and a cup of green tea in every can. Steaz Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea is made with the finest natural ingredients and is sweetened with leaves from the stevia plant for a healthy and delicious sparkling beverage that delights the mind, body and soul. Steaz Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea has all the taste but with zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs. Pop open a can of Steaz Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea and discover the better way.

Available in:• Orange: Glass Bottles• Raspberry: Glass Bottles• Root Beer: Glass Bottles• Zero Calorie - Black Cherry: Glass Bottles• Zero Calorie - Blueberry Pomegranate: Glass Bottles• Zero Calorie - Orange: Glass Bottles• Zero Calorie - Raspberry: Glass Bottles

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Made Naturally for the Root Beer, Cream Soda, BLACK CHERRY CREAM SODA, AND REAL COLA Connoisseur, Virgil’s is one man’s passion to create the finest soft drinks ever produced. After retiring from a very successful career in the beverage industry, Ed Crowley set out to research what it would take to make the finest soft drink ever. As a result of his research Ed developed the recipe for Virgil’s Root Beer. Recipe in hand, his search for the finest ingredients took him around the world. The results are an award winning soft drink made naturally without caffeine or preservatives.

Available in:• Root Beer: Glass Bottles• Black Cherry Cream Soda: Glass Bottles• Cola: Glass Bottles• Cream Soda: Glass Bottles• "Dr. Better": Glass Bottles• Orange Creme: Glass Bottles• Zero Black Cherry Cream: Glass Bottles• Zero Creme: Glass Bottles• Zero Root Beer: Glass Bottles

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